No amount of written material can replace attending my Studio style mosaic classes held weekly, but if Maleny (SE Queensland) is out of range for you, you can still learn to mosaic wherever you are in the world through mosaic classes online. I’ve been teaching and creating mosaics since 2000 and written many tutorials and classes aimed at getting you started as well as teaching you how to overcome many of the obstacles you’ll face as your mosaic work gets more advanced.

I’ve created two levels of mosaic classes online:

1. Basic mosaic classes online (free)
Aimed at getting you up and going and covering important subjects like safety, best materials to mosaic on, cutting tiles, glue & grout preparation and use, and even some important steps to install & protect your work. These classes are absolutely free and you can join here.

2. Premium Mosaic Classes online
Includes all the information in the basic classes and lots more articles and photo-tutorials on subjects like:-

Mosaic classes online larger mosaics

• Making larger mosaics

Mosaic classes online mosaic tables

• Making mosaic tables

What members have been saying…

Mosaic classes online sharons mosaic

Sharon’s “beginner” mosaic
read more…

…A nominal investment for a rewarding outcome…
Sharon, NSW Ausralia

…You have a real talent for breaking processes down into simple steps that novices can understand. I’ve read loads of mosaic books. None of them explain the process so thoroughly as you have done. The photography that accompanies every step is also brilliant…
Pam, California US

…I really like the way you have set up everything. I can see this site developing into a ‘must have’ rich and invaluable resource for any aspiring mosaic artist…
Clare, Gold Coast

…I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for putting up such a wonderful and informative website. Your work has inspired me…
Jane, Texas US

…I have recently subscribed to your website and have learnt more than the 4 week course I did…
Henny, Adelaide

..Your new site is fabulous, and of great help..Love it…
Ellen, Melbourne

Mosaic classes online computer designs

• Drawing on the computer

Mosaic classes online power tools

• Using power tools

Mosaic classes online advanced cutting skills

• Advanced cutting techniques

Mosaic classes online indirect method

• The indirect method (for a perfectly flat mosaic)

Mosaic classes online design ideas

• Getting design ideas

Mosaic classes online studio tour

• A tour of my studio


Premium members also get instant access to all the designs I’ve created for students – well over 1000 in all!

Mosaic classes online mosaic design kits
Mosaic design kits

Mosaic classes online mandalas

Mosaic classes online patterns

Mosaic classes online eBooks

A full list of subjects covered for premium & tutorial level members

And to further help you expand your skills, I’ve also created a special members only question and answer section. You can ask your questions and receive a full reply from the artist, plus read all the questions answers from other members. Whatever you need to know is answered in quick time too!

The premium mosaic classes are included in both the premium level ($49.97) & tutorial level ($39.97) memberships.

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