Mosaic art galleries with completed art works arranged into categories for easy viewing.

Follow my 15 year career creating mosaics in many different styles.

mosaic art galleries - mosaic artworks for sale

Mosaic art works for sale

Various mosaic art works for sale ready for immediate worldwide delivery

mosaic art galleries - mosaic tables and tabletops

Mosaic tables and tabletops gallery

Outdoor mosaic table & tabletops for dining on your patio or in the garden

mosaic art galleries - mosaic murals and decorative mirrors

Mosaic murals & decorative mirrors gallery

Small to wall size mosaic murals and mirrors created with ceramic tiles

mosaic art galleries - garden mosaic art

Mosaic garden art gallery

Birdbaths, murals, water features, mosaic pots etc. created for the garden

mosaic art galleries - nature & wildlife mosaics

Nature & Wildlife gallery

Mosaic art works inspired by Mother nature

mosaic art galleries - mosaic nudes & portraits

Nudes and portraits gallery

Mosaic art works of the human form.

mosaic art galleries - mosaic mandalas

Mosaic mandalas gallery

Mosaic art works inspired by symbolism

mosaic art galleries - early mosaic artworks

Early mosaic works

The early mosaic work that led me to a mosaic career.