1030mm x 780mm

mosaic mural created with ceramic tiles


Angelina mosaic mural portrait by Brett campbell Mosaics

Mosaic portrait of Angelina Jolie in ceramic tiles

Angelina mosaic mural closeup1

Closeup of eyes

Angelina mosaic mural Closeup of lips

Closeup of lips

Artist’s comment:¬†For quite some time I’ve contemplated portraying someone famous in mosaic.

Having created quite a few nude works, I was keen to face the challenges in creating a recognisable face – I figured the challenge would be something like that of a nude, but somehow different.

As it turned out, the challenges were very similar – there’s little or no room for error & colour selection would be crucial.

Why Angelina? Well in my view, she’s possibly the most beautiful celebrity I’ve ever seen, and for me, she has more than a little mystery about her. I also respect her acting work, and admire what she’s doing outside the “movie business”

One of the questions I asked myself when creating this work was “What makes a woman’s face physically beautiful?”.

Not sure about the answer to that, but for Angelina I felt it was lips & eyes & that’s why I tried to highlight or exaggerate them against a grayscale background.

The resulting work ihas a real presence in our home – I can see myself doing more like it with different people.