In the Bush

900 high, 450mm,900mm,450mm wide

outdoor mosaic murals created with ceramic tiles

Artist comment: Commissioned by a Melbourne city couple with an upbringing in the bush, my main charter was to bring this “bush” feel into their home.

I had a woodworking friend “slice” the face off some 100 year old fence posts to create the post and rail border, which I attached to the fibro backing. I also needed to cut holes out of the backing to accommodate the holes in the fenceposts – you can see straight through them.

Having spent time in the bush myself, this was a great piece to work on. The colours in the bush really are quite briliant, and constructing the rusty old truck was quite a novelty. The homestead also was quite interesting – there was some very fine cutting involved with very little room for error.

I had some nice ribbed silver tiles that made the water tank, and the kelpie sheepdog was possibly the finest detail I’ve dealt with – took me three attempts before I was happy with that!

I think I’ll explore more rural scenes like this one in future!

outdoor mosaic mural in the bush art bush house

Closeup of Bush house

outdoor mosaic mural in the bush art tank windmill

Windmill & rainwater tank

outdoor mosaic mural in the bush art rusty truck

Rusty old truck

outdoor mosaic mural in the bush art sheep sheepdog

Sheep & Kelpie sheepdog

outdoor mosaic mural in the bush art galah gum leaves

Galah in a gum tree