Mosaics are perfect for the garden given their strong colour and durability  – usually all that’s needed to bring them back to original condition and colour is a spray down with a high pressure hose. Difficult areas of your garden can be brought to life with a vibrant, colourful garden mosaic!

Garden mosaic Bliss welcome mosaic sign with waterlillies in ceramic tiles

Welcome mosaic sign

Garden mosaic Mosaic portraits of Annette Kellerman & Cecil Healy

Aquatic Centre installation

Garden mosaic Flamingoes & tulips mosaic planters

Flamingoes & tulips planters

Garden mosaic  Forest in the seat mosaic sculpture bench seat

Forest in the seat

Garden mosaic Wallace street mosaic installation Australian native animals set in sandstone

Wallace St. Park installation

Garden mosaic Canna lillies mosaic design on a terracotta pot

Canna lillies pot

Garden mosaic Coral reefs mosaic mural installed by a poolside bench seat

Coral reefs mural

Garden mosaic Forest dawn mosaic mural waterfall & forest animals

Forest dawn waterfall mural

Garden mosaic Growth mosaic candleholders

Growth candleholders

Garden mosaic Indian flowers candleholders

Indian flowers candleholder

Garden mosaic Karibu mosaic welcome sign

Karibu welcome sign

Garden mosaic King Parrot Dreaming poolside mosaic mural near swimming pool

King Parrot Dreaming

Garden mosaic Platypus Park mosaic installation wallace street caboolture commission

Platypus Park installation

Garden mosaic Kaleidoscope mosaic bowl plate

Kaleidoscope bowl

Garden mosaic Lavender mosaic pots ceramic mosaic on terracotta pot

Lavender pots

Garden mosaic Violets mosaic pot ceramic tiles on terracotta pot

Violets pot

Garden mosaic Flowers mosaic candleholder

Flowers candleholder

Garden mosaic Aquarium poolside mosaic mural near swimming pool

Aquarium poolside mural

Garden mosaic Lotus flower mosaic birdbath ceramic tile on terracotta birdbath

Lotus Flower birdbath

Garden mosaic Vines mosaic birdbath with waterlines and frog

Vines birdbath

Garden mosaic Lilyponds mosaic mural depicting waterlillies and frog

Lillyponds mural

Garden mosaic Lilyponds 2 mosaic mural depicting waterlillies and frog

Lillyponds 2

Garden mosaic Lillies mosaic waterfeature ceramic tile on terracotta

Lillie’s water feature

Garden mosaic Waterlillies mosaic birdbath ceramic tiles on terracotta birdbath

Pond birdbath

Garden mosaic Inca mosaic pot ceramic tile on terracotta pot

Inca pot

Garden mosaic Mosaic letterbox


Garden mosaic seahorse mosaic birdbath ceramic mosaics


Garden mosaic frog mosaic pot

Frog pot

Garden mosaic Mosaic stepping stones

Stepping stones