600 x 360mm

Ceramic tile on an aluminium honeycomb backing.

Untitled nude 3 mosaic portrait in ceramic tiles by Brett Campbell mosaics

Untitled nude 3 mosaic portrait

This colourful work is an original design.

I specifically set out to experiment further with colour, and with the use of smaller tesserae – much in the same style of the ancients but with the wider palette of colour that is available to us now.

I find working with nudes rather challenging as the final work is unforgiving to mistakes – it seems to me that you need to be near perfect with your tesserae placement, or completely abstract (which I haven’t experimented with yet).

These portrayals were created on the computer and then layed indirect.

I think my next step will be to create some portraits – they’re likely to be even more unforgiving – particularly with recognisable faces.

Fully sealed to protect against staining & mild weather, but it’s best position would be indoors or outdoors undercover. Not suitable for¬†frosty conditions.

Comes ready to hang as a mural.

Available for immediate sale, can be shipped worldwide using regular post.

$495 not including shipping (these are calculated at the shopping cart)