Mosaic designs, patterns, instructions and eBooks to make it easy to get started with your mosaic project

As a mosaic design or premium level member, you have free access to all the designs shown below. If drawing designs isn’t your strong point, or you just need some resources for inspiration – this is the section for you!

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mosaic kits mosaic design centre

Mosaic design kits

4-5 page mosaic design instructions for over 100 designs in several sizes.

Drawing guidelines and templates are included.

goddess mosaic design centre

Printable Mandalas

In this section you’ll find a collection of 28 designs which are printable for colouring in, or for you to use as a starting point for your own mosaic designs.

goanna mosaic design centre

Mosaic Patterns

A selection of 28 designs for you to use as is for a mosaic project, or as a starting point for your own designs.

To help you get started, we’ve also suggested some colour ideas giving you almost 60 different designs to consider.

butterfly-drawing mosaic design centre

Design eBooks

We’ve purchased a number of eBooks for resale, and are offering them here to members for free.

Useful as starting points for designs, or using them together to make up a larger design. Over 800 to choose from!