Get away from it all & relax for a day or two making your own mosaic.

Creating mosaic art is like meditation – you’re so fully engaged at both a creative and practical level – that the big worries and little stresses of your life seem to “melt” away, even if only for a little while. You deserve it.

Mosaics also offer an outlet for your creativity (whether you think you’re creative or not), are a great craft project to do with kids (Kids absolutely love mosaic), and what a great way to decorate your home & garden!

You’ll find everything you need here to create your own mosaics large or small. You can learn by attending my weekly studio-style mosaic classes, you can do it all yourself with my free online mosaic classes, or I can send you everything you need in kit form so you can start straight away.

Or just enjoy the images of work I’ve created during my own mosaic journey.

Learn how to mosaic

Discover, rediscover or explore your creative side - learn how to mosaic! We all have a creative side - it's just ...
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Mosaic shop online

Mosaic shop with all you need to create mosaics delivered to your door worldwide. You can also learn with online classes ...
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Community mosaic art projects

Create something special in your community! Community mosaic art projects are rewarding for everyone involved. A great work of mosaic ...
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Mosaic art galleries

Mosaic art galleries with completed art works arranged into categories for easy viewing. Follow my 15 year career creating mosaics ...
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