“To me, mosaic art is not just a job, a career, or a living. it’s my passion, and I live & breathe it in my daily life.”

Brett Campbell Mosaics artist with artwork

Mosaic Artist: Brett Campbell

Business Entity: BA Campbell A.C.N. 98 423 621 404

Studio (and postal) Address: 322 Reesville Rd, Reesville. Q. 4552 Australia (by appointment only)

Phone: 0484 063215 **     eMail: brett@mosaics.com.au

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** unfortunately I’m mostly out of mobile range – I’m much more reliably contacted by eMail

My Story

My story started back in August 2000 one night when I decided to make a mosaic for the first time. I can’t recall exactly what inspired me to do it, but I vividly recall the peace & quiet it brought me inside.

At the time, I had my own consulting business after a 20 year career in Banking & Finance – a career I just fell into at the time I left school. Although I’d moved up the ladder very well, and now had the freedom of my own business, my career left me feeling empty – increasingly I wasn’t “fitting in” with the whole corporate scene.

Then came that fateful night where I made a mosaic, followed by another one the following night, then another & another….

Within a week I knew my life was destined to change & within 3 months the change had been made – for better or for worse! I committed to following my passion. A decision that very few of my friends and family could understand, and to be honest, in the earlier years a decision I questioned myself many times.

My life since the day I decided to follow my passion has been dotted with some tremendous highs & lows, but in hindsight, I wouldn’t change a thing. The lows have rewarded me with personal growth and wisdom & the highs have inspired me to move on to bigger & better things.

And when you’re doing what you love, each workday is an adventure!

I trust that my artworks radiate this transformation in my life, and invite you to try mosaics for yourself. It’s a guaranteed stress buster, and who knows? Maybe you’ll discover (or rediscover) your own passions in the process!

And then the rest is up to you!

Best wishes

Brett Campbell
Mosaic artist