brett-mosaic-chairFrom the artist…

It’s been clear from the time I started displaying my own work, that there’s a lot of interest in making mosaics and it’s always been my intention to share my knowledge and skills with anyone interested in learning. This is why I’m sharing these beginners mosaic classes and much more throughout this website

In the following pages, you’ll find all the basic information you need to start creating your own mosaics and I hope you’ll be inspired to try it for yourself.

I also hope you’ll discover that mosaics can offer a truly relaxing diversion from your everyday life. If it’s possible, give yourself plenty of time to create your artwork. Find a quiet space where you can make some mess, put an oil burner on, some relaxing music and surrender yourself to your art project.

Time and time again people comment to me about getting lost in their mosaic and discovering a different aspect of themselves.

And if that’s not enough, you’ll also have beautiful mosaic artwork to display proudly in your home that will radiate from the work & energy you’ve devoted to your piece.

Enjoy the beginners mosaic classes and welcome to the world of mosaic!!

Best wishes

Brett Campbell
Mosaic Artist

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