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Working with CFC
Using CFC (compressed fibre cement) on an exterior mural

Cement glue
Using cement glues and additives for mosaic artworks
Mesh Residue
How to remove the glue from the back of tiles after removing the mesh
Different thickness tesserae
How to deal with varying thicknesses of mosaic tesserae
Tips for pricing & handling your first mosaic commission.
Scratched tabletop
What to do about scratched ceramic tiles on a mosaic tabletop
Information about handling quotes on commission enquiries/ info requests.
Flexible Grout
A discussion about the use of flexible grout on your mosaic creation
Unglazed ceramic tiles
How to protect unglazed ceramics from the elements.
Wetsaw markers
What markers can you use on tiles that won’t be washed away by the wetsaw?
Floor Mosaics
Useful considerations when installing floor mosaics
Short thread on the Taurus ringsaw with links for more info.
Wall mural substrate
What is the best material to use for an outdoor mosaic mural?
Indirect method
Discussion on using the indirect method for a floor mosaic.
Aluminium Honeycomb
What is it? A great mosaic backing. Discussion about the pros & cons.
Particle board
Creating mosaics on a particle board backing. Is it a good idea?
10mm tiles
Discussion on how to get 10mm tiles & references to some great portraits.
Wetsaw pricing
How much can you expect to pay for a wetsaw for your mosaics?
Fixing glass tesserae
What glues to use in fixing glass tesseae to a terracotta base.

Angle grinders
A discussion about the use of angle grinders

What is CFC?
Further information about CFC (compressed fibre cement)
Mosaic on blackboard
Can you lay a mosaic on blackboard?

Mosaic on plastic?
Can you lay mosaic on a plastic pot?

Stepping Stones
Is there a lighter base for stepping stones than concrete?

Using silicone as adhesive
Is silicone suitable as an adhesive in submerged situations?

Grout drying out in hot weather
Ideas to stop your grout drying out in hot, dry weather.

Using different colour grouts
How do you use more than 1 colour grout on the same project?
Cutting a rebate into sandstone
How do you cut a rebate into sanstone to install a mosaic?
Can you mosaic on a damp wall?
How do you deal with a masonry wall that is damp?
CFC thickness
What thickness of CFC is best?
Grout issues
Can I regrout or change the grout colour
Painting tiles
Can you paint tiles to achieve hard to get colours?
Mesh for larger projects
Is it advisable to use fibreglass mesh for larger projects?
Wood tops
Can/ how do I mosaic directly onto wooden table tops
Handmade tiles
Can you make your own tiles?