Relax and create whatever you want and at your own pace!

Monday morning mosaic classes information

In a relaxed setting, I’ll help you unfold your own personalised mosaic artwork in my weekly mosaic classes. You can use your own design (or one of mine) and make whatever you want. No messing around with “crafty” projects, let’s get stuck in and make what it is you want to create out of mosaic!

Even if you don’t consider yourself creative – if you can pick a design, I can help you create a mosaic from it. The relaxation and the new friends you’ll meet are an added bonus worth the time & cost alone.

You’ll have access to a huge range of tiles, will learn to use the right products and equipment, and learn whatever techniques you need for your chosen work
There’s no set course structure, so you can come as often or as little as you like. You can even take your project home & work on it between classes.

Monday morning mosaic classes information

What students have been creating…

Bodice created in studio style mosaic classes with Brett Campbell
Lynda’s bodice mosaic
“Working with Brett and being inspired to create again was so fantastic. The space to find my own creativity and express it to its fullest has been a great relief and break from the the busy work life I have. Getting lost in the mosaic is a wonderful feeling, you look up and half the day has magically passed and your precious work shines before you. I have loved and looked forward to every minute I am there week after week.”
Lynda, Witta QldGoddess created in studio style mosaic classes with Brett Campbell
Kate’s Goddess mosaic
“The mosaic classes have been great. As a beginner I started with a kit which allowed me to concentrate on the techniques and worry less about design and colour choices, I would recommend the classes to beginners and intermediate alike as Brett is a wealth of knowledge, and has the patience to deal with all levels.”
Kate, Maleny Qld I-Ching created in studio style mosaic classes with Brett Campbell
Dolina’s I-Ching mosaic
“…The best part for me is that there are no deadlines and you can make whatever you wish. Brett has a very well equipped studio and a nice easy laid back personality which makes the mosaic classes enjoyable and totally relaxing…. Everything is supplied, I just turn up, work on my project (I’m on my second one now) get in the zone and lose myself. Brett is there to offer advice or lend a hand if anything seems tricky. My first project (a wall hanging of the I Ching Trigram) is now hanging in my clinic, and people can’t believe that it’s my first attempt. I tell them that I have a good teacher!”
Dolina, Witta Qld
tree of life created in studio style mosaic classes with Brett CampbellClare’s First mosaic!
“I love that Brett has the knack of alleviating any fear of being creative and creates the space to explore that side of myself. His style encouraged confidence in my abilities and gave permission for me to let go and focus on creating. I also love connecting with the other students and the classes are just plain relaxing & fun!”Clare, Maleny Qld
Nat's first mosaic created in studio style mosaic classes with Brett Campbell
Nat’s first mosaic
I love the way Brett works, he encourages me to explore my designs and style, and trust in my process whilst offering expert advice needed to bring out the best in my work. When I arrive at his studio, I feel that I have all the time in the world, it’s time to play and slip into my zone
Natalie, Witta Qld 
Chat Noir created in studio style mosaic classes with Brett Campbell
Kate’s “Chat Noir” mosaic
I love going to Brett’s mosaic classes, I have learnt a great craft from an inspiring and ever so patient tutor. It is lovely to be surrounded by creative and like minded people who come together in the mutual love of creativity and mosaics taught by a very charismatic master of his craft. Do yourself a favour, if you are thinking about attending a class don’t hesitate just do it, I guarantee you will love it.
Kate, Kenilworth Qld

What will you make?

Choose from a huge range of designs or BYO!

Monday morning mosaic classes information