Mosaic class information

The Mosaic class

A Studio mosaic class format means students of varying skill levels all work together and gain inspiration from each other – they’re very relaxed and informal. Student numbers vary from week to week, but there’s generally plenty of time for me to give everyone individual attention with their mosaic project as required.

Your first mosaic class

I’ll get you set up with your project, show you the methods you’ll use to create your mosaic, and how to cut tiles. All the other skills you’ll pick up along the way with my help – the more you come, the more you’ll learn & the better you’ll get. Your first class is $50 + materials and is for 3 hours duration.

All classes after your first one

Run casually, with my help as required. When I’m not helping students I’ll be nearby working on my own project.

You just pay for your studio space @ $30 per 3 hour session

Mosaic class times:
Monday mornings 9.30am – 12.30pm
Maleny Lane, 38 Maple St, Maleny QLD

Note: this is not an all weather venue, if it looks like raining I’ll advise of cancellation on the morning of class.

To book

eMail me at to enquire about bookings. Special times & weekend workshops can be arranged for group bookings of at least 6 students

Payment is usually by cash at the end of your class

It’s important to submit your project design by eMail in advance of your class so I can ensure I have the right materials ready for you. If you would rather choose one of my designs, just go to Mosaic class designs and let me know your design choice & size.

What to bring

– Water, tea and coffee provided, please bring your own food, herbal teas, cool drinks etc.
– Takeaway containers (or similar) with lids – not essential – but will help you organise your tiles.
– mosaic making can be messy especially on grouting days – please bring an apron or wear old clothes – they could easily be ruined!
– don’t underestimate Maleny’s ability to be cold – bring an extra jumper or warm clothes.
– you’re welcome to bring your own tiles, tools or substrates

Other stuff to know

– try to resist the urge to go too big or complex, too quick. If you have an ambitious project in mind, think about trying a smaller one first. You’ll learn heaps, can practice your techniques and run into fewer problems with a better result when you tackle your big project. 
– Presently I can’t store your work between classes – keep this in mind when deciding on sizes, weights etc.
– I’ll do my best to accomodate everyone, but if your piece is larger, please check with me that I can offer the studio space.
– bring your most patient, relaxed attitude with you – you’ll need it & you’ll enjoy your classes more. There is no competition & preferably no rush.

What to make in class

Before you come to class, it’s very important that you know what you want to make, and have a design ready to go. Just a picture or simple drawing is all you need – preferably in the colours you like. If you have trouble with design, consider using one of my ready-made ones to start with (details below).

One of my designs
I have a huge selection of designs at Mosaic class designs They can be made into murals, trivets, tables, stepping stones or can simply be used as a starting point for a more elaborate design or concept. Let me know your choice when booking & I’ll have the design printed out for you ready to go.

Wall mural/ house number / welcome sign
Probably the best recommended starting point, murals can be made for indoors or outdoors and I’ll help you rig it up for hanging.

Pots, birdbaths, garden sculpture
OK for beginners, but be warned – these types of works usually take a lot longer. It can be deceiving how much surface area there is to mosaic. Please bring your own pot, birdbath or sculpture and let me know in advance if it’s heavy or large – I need to be sure I can accommodate you in the class.

Tables & furniture
I can help beginners with tables, but it’s wise to consider a smaller project first – tables can be tricky to get flat and a bit of experience goes a long way.

Candleholders/ decorative works
Great choice for beginners, and sometimes I’ll have ironwork in stock (please check first). If you have your own ironwork, please eMail me some pics so I can be sure I have the hardware to fix it to your mosaic

I don’t have any frames in stock, and whilst I can make large frames, you’ll be well advised to have a carpenter/cabinetmaker make one for you – it’ll be cheaper and probably better. Smaller frames can be purchased from craft shops/hardware stores.

Keep up to date with class times

Sometimes I run weekend workshops and more more midweek class times might become available. To keep up to date, simply join my eMail list or like my Facebook page & I’ll stay in touch. Note also, if you can arrange a group of 6 or more people, I can tailor a class or workshop just for you – just eMail me to enquire.