Mosaic art galleries with completed art works arranged into categories for easy viewing.

Follow my 20+ year career creating mosaics in many different styles.

closeup of 1000 petals mosaic table

Mosaic Artworks for sale Gallery

Mosaic artworks for sale and delivered worldwide All of the ...
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starry night over the Rhine mosaic mural splashback

Mosaic murals & decorative mirrors gallery

Mosaics are so versatile they can be created for virtually ...
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mosaic tables in wrought iron

Mosaic Tables gallery

Mosaic tables are either created with ceramic tiles on a custom ...
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collection of bright, colourful mosaic pots, birdbaths and mosaic table

Garden mosaic art gallery

Mosaics are perfect for the garden given their strong colour ...
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ambience mosaic mural closeup off face

Mosaic nudes and portraits

Since my first nude (Mermaid mosaic) many years ago, I've ...
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forest dawn mosaic mural wall size

Nature and wildlife mosaics gallery

Nature & wildlife mosaics are a strong feature of my ...
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closeup of spring burst mosaic mandala

Mandala mosaics gallery

Mandalas have been a human fascination for centuries and many ...
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mosaic stepping stones bright and colourful

Early mosaic works gallery

Some of my greatest Mosaic memories are when I first ...
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