1030mm x 780mm

mosaic mural created with ceramic tiles


Angelina mosaic mural closeup1

Closeup of eyes

Angelina mosaic mural Closeup of lips

Closeup of lips

Artist’s comment: For quite some time I’ve contemplated portraying someone famous in mosaic.

Having created quite a few nude works, I was keen to face the challenges in creating a recognisable face – I figured the challenge would be something like that of a nude, but somehow different.

As it turned out, the challenges were very similar – there’s little or no room for error & colour selection would be crucial.

Why Angelina? Well in my view, she’s possibly the most beautiful celebrity I’ve ever seen, and for me, she has more than a little mystery about her. I also respect her acting work, and admire what she’s doing outside the “movie business”

One of the questions I asked myself when creating this work was “What makes a woman’s face physically beautiful?”.

Not sure about the answer to that, but for Angelina I felt it was lips & eyes & that’s why I tried to highlight or exaggerate them against a grayscale background.

The resulting work ihas a real presence in our home – I can see myself doing more like it with different people.