2100mm x 700mm

mosaic wall mural created with ceramic tiles

Artist comment: Customer really liked one of our previous works titled “Aquarium” and wanted to put it on a poolside seat.

Of course we don’t copy previous works, so this is essentially an update of the same theme.

There’s multitudes of different coloured & textured corals in nature, so it wasn’t too difficult coming up with this design. The green blues in the background worked well with the goldish coloured tiles we used for the sand.

I was really pleased with the result of the anemone with the clownfish nestled in. I used some pool tiles with big colour variations for the round sections at the end of the tenticles & then two different coloured violets for the tenticles themselves. Very fiddly work, but it gave a very 3D feel to that section.

Love working with clients that like colour & and underwater scene is one of the best ways to go crazy with unconventional colour mixes.

Coral Reefs mosaic

Anemone & clownfish detail

Coral Reefs mosaic

Angel Fish & corals on reef detail