2 x 2m x 1.5m murals

School mosaic project created with ceramic tiles

Artist comment: Thanks to some State Government funding, the Enoggerra State School were given the opportunity to create a couple of large mosaic murals to complement a refurbishment of their Schools entry.

The School were celebrating their 100 year anniversary in the same year and it was decided that one wall was to represent their history which has basically transformed from a farming area to an inner city residential precinct. The other wall was to depict the schools emblem & was completed by myself.

The design was conceived with input from the students (all grades) and the construction was to be completed by the year 7 students with mentoring & guidance from myself. Some of the key elements of the design were the central road which started as a dirt track ending as a busy suburban road, the original school building (which hasn’t changed much in 100 years), farmlands, soldier (representing local army barracks), Enoggera reservoir, suburban houses & the city skyline background.

The students worked enthusiastically over the course of a couple months and can take great pride in their finished creation!

The project was officially opened by the Minister for Environment in November 2009.

School mosaic project enoggera I say I do

“I say and I do” school emblem

School mosaic project enoggera drawing

History wall design before we started

School mosaic project enoggera studentsSchool mosaic project enoggera students

Students hard at work on their School mosaic project!

School mosaic project enoggera studentsSchool mosaic project enoggera students

School mosaic project enoggera installed

Completed project in site.

School mosaic project enoggera students

Opening day celebrations!