2.1m x 5m

mosaic waterfall created with ceramic tiles

Artist comment: “Forest Dawn” is my first large work and marked an amazing transformation in our approach to creating mosaic art. The mural was 7-8 times larger than anything else we made, had a budget, had water running down it & had a deadline for installation – all brand new to us!

Lesley conceived the draft design within a day, which was received very well by the clients & we were on our way! The piece took 30 days of 15 hour days (about 2 months work) and consists of around 17000 pieces – yes, someone counted them! All pieces are handcut & we use an angle grinder to achieve smooth & accurate edges.

There are 17 animals & just as many plants and each one had to be given their own life within the piece. We spent a lot of time in the forest gaining inspiration. We also had a good budget for tiles & expanded our range of handmade and imported tiles dramatically to achieve some of the colourings.

The piece can be viewed at Shop 2, 144 Main St, Montville (in the courtyard behind the leather shop).

bowerbird mosaic waterfall

Closeup of the Regent Bowerbird

tree frog Forest Dawn outdoor mosaic waterfall mural

Closeup of the tree frog

Ulysses butterfly Forest Dawn outdoor mosaic waterfall mural

Closeup of the ulysses butterfly