1800mm x 1200mm

outdoor mosaic created with ceramic tiles

loo-with-view-mosaic-art-mural outdoor mosaic

‘Loo with a view’

surf-club-mosaic-art-mural outdoor mosaic

Mooloolaba skyline

Artist comment: “From the Spit” was inspired by some photographs taken from a position in the water from the Spit in Mooloolaba (Sunshine Coast Qld). I was literally holding the camera above my head as the wave sets came through, but from that position I got some wonderful shots of perfectly breaking waves against the backdrop of the Mooloolaba skyline.

I’m not a big fan of the development & all the buildings, but to me there was an odd beauty in this landscape & I had an overwhelming feeling that despite the man-made sections of Mooloolaba, Mother Nature couldn’t be repressed and would always be there regardless.

The photo I used for the majority of detail is included below.

moloolaba photo outdoor mosaic

Original photograph