1200mm x 1200mm

mosaic mandala created with ceramic tiles

Artist comment: One of Lesley’s mandala designs this piece represents the power of women both individually and collectively. We’ve changed the title a couple of times between “United Women of the world” and it’s current title, which adds a little insight into the meaning of the work.

This was a particularly challenging work to construct as there was a lot of cutout work – where I make a template, trace it onto a tile & cut it out exactly. There was virtually no margin for area with the centre piece as both the shapes and colour fill had to lock together perfectly. There were also almost 150 small hearts to be cut.

The graduating size of the shapes in the wings (bottom closeup photo) took a lot of patience and trial & error to get right.

A very satisfying piece to complete & the goldene tiles look truly magnificent – unfortunately the photos can’t do them justice.

Goddess mosaic mandala

Closeup of female symbol

Goddess mosaic mandala

Closeup of hearts in border

Goddess mosaic mandala

Closeup of “angel wings”