The Lion fish mosaic was commissioned by an avid diver who wanted to incorporate a beautiful image she caught while diving into her new home around the pool area.

Customer wanted a very plain background so as not to detract from the beautiful mosaic fish and it’s gorgeous markings. To add interest, I cut the tiles down to blocks and laid them in a wavy pattern to convey movement.

The fish itself was so much fun to create but very tedious. The black and white sections were all cut out in paper & traced onto ceramic tiles to achieve the accuracy needed. Most of the fish pieces were created with the help of a wetsaw and grinders.

lion fish mosaic in pieces prior to setting

Lion fish in pieces prior to glueing

 Customer was very excited to see her great photo come to life and it has a great position in her home.

Lion fish mosaic mural in site

The lionfish mosaic installed at it’s new home.

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