750mm x 750mm

mosaic mural created with ceramic tiles

Artist comment: “Nightwatch” was created for the Moz-Oz exhibition in Sydney in May 2005.

The work is inspired by a moonlight walk to Kondalilla Falls, All the animals except the platypus were sighted in the forest that night and there were several others & some magical scenes that are bound to come out in our future works.

Apart from getting the detail correct on the plants & animals, I was mostly concerned with achieving some interesting and even bright colours without ruining the moonlight ambience I wanted the work to resonate. The greens and browns did the job admirably I think.

For the first time (and I’ve been in forest moonlight many times) I realised that there is no colour under moonlight – well I can’t detect any anyway. So all the colours in this mural are actually imagined (with a bit of help from the daylight!).