1200mm x 1200mm

mosaic created with ceramic tiles


Celebration of the bursting of spring and associated plant growth in a mandala style.

Artist comment: “Springburst” is another design that had been conceived for a while – we’d drawn the leaves and played with the shades of green long ago, but for this work we designed a celtic style border & put it on a background.

The work represents the “burst” of spring from winter fuelled by the sun (in centre) – the new growth on plants and the general “busy-ness” of nature. The Celtic style border represents the human celebration of this time.

Perhaps the most difficult part of this piece was the spiralled background – each row had to be constructed with slightly larger squares – quite a bit of math was necessary for that to work.

The work is constructed on an aluminium honeycomb base & is surprisingly light for the size.


close up of celtic style border