mosaic wall mural created with ceramic tiles

Artist comment: “Wisdom Tree” was installed immediately outside a Primary School library and so was created purely with the kids in mind. It’s just over 2.5 metres high & 3 metres wide.

At the time I conceived the design I was contemplating the innate wisdom that plants and animals have that seems to almost be lost on many of us humans. We’re rushing around with tasks & missions we think are important where all animals & plants do is just “be”. It’s a concept I wanted to share with the kids through the mosaic.

Rather than create this mural on big boards with a plain background, I decided instead to create smaller boards that were shaped exactly and pieced together for installation directly on the wall. It made installation very simple, but it was quite a job shaping CFC boards like this.

In the end it was quite effective & the kids loved it!

outdoor mosaic wall wisdom tree goanna mushrooms

Goanna & Mushrooms


outdoor mosaic wall wisdom dragonfly kookaburra

Kookaburra & Dragonfly

outdoor mosaic wall wisdom rainbow lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeets

outdoor mosaic wall wisdom butterfly


outdoor mosaic wall wisdom tawny frogmouth

Tawny frogmouths

outdoor mosaic wall wisdom black cockatoo

Black Cockatoo