for Relaxation, Creativity & Fun!

Everything you need to learn mosaic crafts at home.

• Quickly learn the skills
 of crafting mosaic from ceramic tile so you can decorate your own home – inside & out. Mosaic tile kits are your first step.

• Give yourself a break from stress – creating mosaics is like meditation! read more. The mindfulness kits are specifically designed for relaxation.

• Discover, rediscover or explore your creative side. These mosaic tile kits are for everyone – whether you’re naturally artistic or not.

Each mosaic tile kit:

• Includes all the supplies you need in generous quantities. The same trade-quality materials we’ve used to create all the mosaics you see on this site.

• Has comprehensive, expert instructions – I’ve created hundreds of mosaics for all sorts of situations. This is where I share what I’ve learned with you. Lots of photos!

• Is shipped to you wherever you are in the world. Save time tracking down everything you need yourself. Ideal for remote locations and busy lifestyles.

Are the mosaic tile kits suitable for kid’s craft projects?

8 reasons why you should make a mosaic!

What customers have been saying…

Mindfulness mosaic kits

Practice mindfulness as you create a beautiful mosaic!

• A simpler version of the full kits allowing you to concentrate more on mindfulness and less on the technical stuff. Less preparation in the beginning means you can start straight away.
• A great kit for beginners as they are smaller and simpler.
• Cost effective as postage is only $20 australia-wide

Full mosaic tile kits

• Larger sizes take longer and require some preparation. Kits are big enough for a tabletop and look fantastic.
• More detailed instructions with more technical information to increase your skills.
More design and size options

Beginner Designs

A little easier & quicker

A bit trickier

Still OK for beginners, but there is more cutting & they’ll take longer


Some uses for your completed mosaic tile kit

completed table mosaic tile kits
trivet completed mosaic tile kits
completed wall hanging mosaic tile kits

Mosaic table


Wall Hanging