Mosaics are MUCH more than just another art & craft project.

#1 Escape reality for a day – Our mosaic tile kits are specifically designed to fully engage you at both a creative level and a practical level – there’s no place for the rushing around and the little worries of our typical lives. Get away from it all and relax for a day by making your own mosaic!

#2 Discover your creative side We all have a creative side, but it’s a side to ourselves that often gets crushed by the busy modern lifestyle. Discover, rediscover or explore your creative side with mosaic. Even creative workers can benefit from the diversion.

#3 To give yourself a break from stress  We’d compare a day on a mosaic project to a day of meditation – you’re so fully engaged in your creative experience, that the big worries and stresses of your life seem to “melt” away, even if only for a little while. You deserve it.

#4 To do something with your kids  Children absolutely love mosaic! Our tile kits are within the reach of children, but they might need some adult help. It’s a great way to do something together with them, or to help increase their confidence and creative abilities (not to mention excitement!) by you taking a supervisory role. For more information about using mosaics for kids crafts please click here.

#5 To be your own home decorator. Once you learn how to make a durable mosaic, there’s no limit to the possibilities for decorating your home or garden. Why pay someone else to do it – be your own artist!

#6 To make a gift for someone special Everyone loves handmade gifts and your loved ones will really appreciate the work that’s gone into your mosaic creation. A wonderful thing to give! Of course the mosaic tile kits or memberships make wonderful gifts too!

#7 To do something creative & relaxing with friends what a fantastic, relaxing way to spend some time with your friends! Why not get a tile kit each & make them together. At the same time you could be making something beautiful for your home.

#8 To escape your children (and spouse) for a day no, really!!!!!