Create a durable mosaic mural or tabletop in the Throat chakra design

Prices & ordering

All-in-one mosaic kit

Throat chakra mosaic kit all in one

Ceramic tiles, construction materials & printed instructions.

Small full kit 40cm diameter

Large full kit 60cm diameter

Mosaic tiles only

Throat chakra mosaic kit tiles only

Ceramic tiles and printed instructions. You supply the materials.

Small tiles only kit 40cm diameter

Large tiles only kit 60cm diameter

Suggested add-ons

toolkit for mosaic kits
curved nippers – boat grouter – sponge


2m black edge tilesBlack edge tiles for mosaic kit(for small project)


What’s included in the Throat chakra mosaic kit?

Tilesmosaic kit tilesVibrant, colourful ceramic tiles hand picked to go with your design. Colours may vary according to availability.

Materialsmosaic kit materials
– Tile glue and grout, plywood base, sealant
– Plastic bags for glue
– Screws and wire to hang
Trade quality and in ample quantities

Instructionsmosaic kit instructionsComprehensive instruction booklet with lots of photos explaining the entire process of making mosaics. A second booklet with specific information about your project, design guides & templates.

Ordering & Shipping Information



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