Quickly learn the skills

These are quality mosaic kits. Follow the clearly laid out steps and you’ll create a mosaic artwork that lasts indefinitely indoors or outdoors undercover – not another addition to landfill!

Instructions provided are based on my 20+ years experience creating hundreds of mosaics as well as live classes with many students creating different projects.

Even better, completing one of these kits, and reading the extra tutorials will give you the confidence and know-how to tackle trickier, larger projects around your home – you can literally become your own mosaic artist!

Give Yourself a break

These mosaic kits are designed to fully engage you at both a creative level and a practical level – there’s no place for the rushing around and the little worries of our typical lives. Even the big stresses of your life seem to melt away whilst mosaicing, even if only for a little while 

Try turning off your phone and hiding your clock and you may find mosaicing comparable to meditation. Everyone deserves this kind of break from their life once in a while.

Could also make a wonderful gift for a friend struggling with their mental health.

Explore your creative side

Everyone has a creative side, but it can be crushed or repressed by our busy modern lifestyles. Even heading out to the shops to collect mosaic materials can be a trying experience.

Instead, let me send you everything you need in one package and you can allow yourself to discover, rediscover, or explore your creative side. All you need to do is clear the space in your schedule for it to happen!

Something for the kids

Children absolutely love mosaic! Our tile kits are within the reach of children, but they might need some adult help. It’s a great way to do something together with them, or to help increase their confidence and creative abilities (not to mention excitement!) by you taking a supervisory role. 

“…I must commend you on the mosaic tile kits and instructions you provide. I have always admired mosaics but lacked the know how and artistic talent to produce one. I completed one of your yin yang kits recently and found the whole process extremely enjoyable with the end result a bright vibrant wall hanging…”
Phillip, Gloucester NSW
DIY mosaic tiles kits completed yin and yang by customerPhillip’s completed mosaic

“…On your website you say that creating mosaics is like meditation. I agree. I get peace, contentment and rest from spending time doing this work.

What I wanted you to know is how grateful I am for your mosaic website and your mosaic tile kits. They gave me the skills and the courage to learn this skill and to go beyond and explore my own creativity….”
Karen, Melbourne Vic

I bought a mosaic tile kit from you some time ago, which by the way turned out just great. A fantastic kit to start off with. Thank you.
Kerry, Emerald Qld

Thank you! I feel like I’ve been on a little holiday. Everything was so well set out and I’m extremely happy with my completed mosaic. Can’t wait to start another one!

Michelle, Marylands WA